An unjust war…

A few weeks ago, I’m ashamed to say, I didn’t know anything about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I’d heard of it, I had the impression it was to do with religion and land occupation, but that was about it.

Now I know a few more things about it.

I know that people are dying, that children are dying. I know that it’s something which divides people across the world. I know that there’s no easy answers and I know that it’s complicated beyond words.

Every time I read something about it I change my mind and then change it again. I look for a side to support because I thought there was always a right and a wrong. But not this time, maybe not every war is fought for a just cause.

I hear which governments are supporting which side and realise it’s got to be much more to do with power and money than justice and peace. It doesn’t help me come to any conclusions.

What can we do? What can be done? Demands to stop selling Israel weapons and to publicly condemn them are made and are being ‘considered’ by the people who matter.

I get used to hearing the new death count on the radio far too quickly. It’s starting to become just a number, it’s too many to comprehend.

A ‘die-in’ takes place in my local town to protest the lack of action against Israel and people play dead in the middle of Sainsbury’s until they have to close their doors. Radio 4 talk about one anti-Israel protest in Berlin, Hitler’s name is chanted and it chills me to my bones.