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My top fives of this week…#5

I’m not even going to pretend like this is a weekly thing anymore. Although I am kind of disappointed in myself. I started this weekly post so that I’d have something to post about at least once a week along with whatever other nonsense I felt like writing about. But, as it turns out, my life hasn’t really felt interesting enough to write a post just about what I’ve been doing.

Does anyone really care that I’ve been spending most of my time working or that the rest of the time has been spent seeing my boyfriend or watching TV? No, I don’t think so.

That’s not to say I’m dissatisfied, I’m actually quite enjoying those three activities at the moment (yes, even the work!). For the first time in a while I feel what I guess I would call contentedness.

That is apart from this huge looming worry that is getting a good degree/graduating/finding a job/living the rest of my life. So I guess it’s contentedness with a time limit on it, but still I’m content nonetheless.

Despite this, I’m convinced I can muster up five cool things that have happened since I last did one of these…

1) I joined the Her Campus Blogger Network  – I started writing for the Nottingham Her Campus chapter this semester and now I’ve joined this network where loads of other bloggers get together and give each other advice etc. It’s really fun and helpful. If you want to take a look at the other blogs involved then follow the link to see them all!

2) My boyfriend’s sister had a baby – Does this even count as news about my life?! I’m not sure but I can’t help being excited because babies are cute.

3) I read The Poisonwood Bible and loved it – One of the things I love about doing literature courses is that they remind me how much I love reading. I realise this one’s been out a long time but if you haven’t read it then you should, it’s fantastic.

4) Saw some old friends – I caught up with one of the girls I lived with in second year who’s still in Nottingham a few weeks ago and then another one came to visit us last weekend. It was so nice to see both of them and rekindle old friendships. Even more are coming up next week…and we’re going to TGIs so things couldn’t get much better than that!

5) I published my 50th post on this blog! – Yesterday saw my 50th post here on My Top Fives. I’d say at least 40 of those were Top Fives which is pretty cool. Somehow I’ve managed to think of that many things to write lists about! So, here’s to the next 50…hopefully.

What do you guys think about my theory that being content is making it harder to blog? Do you agree? Or maybe being happy means that the words flow more easily for you?

That’s all for now




2 thoughts on “My top fives of this week…#5

  1. Yay for Her Campus! So so excited to be a part of it too! Yay! Congrats to your boyfriend’s sister! I get excited when people I know have babies too, so it TOTALLY counts as being news about your life. And congrats again on your 50th post! What a milestone! So exciting. I definitely agree that it’s harder to write when everything is going right in your life. It’s like you have nothing to complain about it, which is what you would normally write about.


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