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My top five things about Halloween…or not

As you can see, I was going to write a post all about the things I like about Halloween but then I got kinda stuck because Halloween just isn’t that big of a deal is it? So instead you’re going to get a bit of a rant about how much I don’t like Halloween, yeah enjoy this!

First of all, I still have to go to work/school/uni (although not today because my lecturers are striking wahoo). I don’t get any presents, there’s no massive celebratory meal…it just feels like a regular day.


Also, I’m a massive party pooper and hate dressing up. It’s such a lot of effort and I’d rather just go out and look, you know, nice. This was particularly well exhibited when, in my second year of university, I went to three different events, including Halloween and one earlier in October, dressed as a Santa’s helper because it was the only costume I owned. Speaking of, that’s what I’m wearing in my twitter picture if you’d like to see what a boring and crappy costume it was.

Still, I do have some fun memories of Halloween when I was little. Where I lived wasn’t really the kind of place you’d go trick or treating. I was always a little jealous of my friends that lived on cute little estates where they could play out after school and knew all their neighbours but, alas, I lived on a main road so none of that for me.

Even so, my parents were quite good at making Halloween fun. Every single year when I was little I’d get dressed up as a witch, wearing one of my mum’s old long black skirts over my head as a cloak, and hide by the kitchen window waiting for my dad to come home. And, as any good father does, he dutifully pretended to be terrified when I jumped out as he came through the front door.

There was also apple bobbing and pumpkin carving which were a great excuse to make a mess which means I obviously enjoyed them immensely. Maybe there was other games too, I’m not sure.

The first time I actually went trick or treating I was about 15 and couldn’t even be bothered with a costume apart from some pretty scary monster gloves. Unsurprisingly we weren’t very successful, I guess three 15 year old girls turning up at your door who haven’t even really bothered to dress up don’t deserve treats, I think someone gave us some chewing gum maybe.

Last year I was fully prepared for the onslaught of Halloween excitement that I’d come to expect from America. It was pretty fun although I think I only made it to one Halloween party. I do find it a little weird when people claim that Halloween is their favourite holiday…first of all it’s not a holiday, secondly refer back to my earlier points…no presents and you’re telling me it’s your favourite?!

Ok, I think I’m done being grumpy and hating on Halloween for today. Having said all this I hope you all do have a very fun day and do some scary stuff.

Feel free to comment and tell me why you love Halloween…who knows maybe you’ll convince me!

That’s all for now



5 thoughts on “My top five things about Halloween…or not

  1. I come in on both sides of enjoying and not so much enjoying Halloween, Amy. Am not a big fan of dressing up and there are plenty of other things I have to do with my evening than answer the door every 5 min to hand out candy or walk the (usually cold) streets with my own kids, aiding and abetting as they load up on sugar they don’t need.

    But. I was a kid once, too, and I just today posted an uber-fun joint Halloween post with a friend I met here on WordPress ( And I do get to go to a party tonight, so it’s not all bad.

    Love your memories–thanks for sharing. Hope your day is a good (and spooky, haha) one 🙂


  2. Ah, Halloween is my favorite time of the year. I can’t explain it. I do like Christmas a lot, but Halloween has always held me. I think because it’s during the Fall time. There’s just something about that time of year. I like the leaves changing and the breeze coming in. I hate snow, so that’s one down for Christmas. Also, I think decorations involve a bit more creativity. People go all out and have a lot of DIY decorations. I like walking by and seeing everybody’s decorations. I also get to see the rest of the community which on Christmas, I get to see my family and they’re alright. I found out last night that my apartment is not in a prime trick or treating spot so my boyfriend and I hauled our candy to another friend’s house where we gave delighted kids handfuls of candy. I like to see people dressed up as their favorite things especially when it’s my favorite characters too.

    I can’t really convince you because it’s more of a personal thing, but I just wanted to share my love for it. 🙂


  3. Halloween is not my fav-o type day except of the part I get a bag full of yummy candies. Yeah no present is a not-so-favourite part. Plus points for crazy horrible pranks that might give me cardiac arrest!


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