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My top five songs…#2

So here we are, the second in my series of top five songs.

This week we have a song which has been one of my favourites pretty much since I can remember. It’s another one all tied up with childhood family memories but this time it’s my sister who’s the star.

When I was growing up my eldest sister was obsessed with Take That (she’s 15 years older than me so was fully into boy band obsession age when I was little). We were very close and I thought that she, along with my other sister, were pretty much the best people to have ever existed.

One of my favourite childhood memories, the one which probably comes to mind first when that phrase is mentioned to me, is of me as a four or five year old standing on the end of my sister’s bed, her standing on the floor in front of me, singing our hearts out to this song.

Never Forget by Take That

Ever since then I have loved Take That. I remember when I was a teenager, long after they’d broken up, finding all my sister’s old Take That CDs and burning them onto the computer, dancing around on my own this time and loving it.

Then they had a reunion tour, an album, then another and another. Whatever you might say about them, their comeback was pretty impressive.

Take That are often written off as just another boy band, which is probably fair enough in some ways, especially in their original form. But since they’ve reunited I think they’re pretty respectable and, I would argue, somewhat of a British tradition. Ok they’re no Beatles but whatever!

Anyway, back to this song. This is the song which very occasionally gets played in clubs nearing 3am and will have me swaying on the dance floor with my eyes closed, the song that I’ll play when I’m feeling a little down and need some good old nostalgia, the song that I am going to have as the first dance at my wedding (honestly, I really mean that).

Realistically I could write for a few days about how much I love Take That…but I think you get the jist.

That’s all for now



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