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My top fives of this week…#4

Well I just really suck at doing anything ‘weekly’ don’t I? It’s actually been 3 weeks or something since I last did one of these but then, I figure, what better way to work through my writers block (yes it’s still in full force and I’m going to keep complaining until it decides to GO THE HELL AWAY).

1) I came back to Uni

Here I am back in Nottingham, looking after myself, making my own food, going to lectures just like always.

It’s strange to be back. I’ve seen a lot of people over the past week and a half who have also just come back from their years abroad and everyone’s sort of said the same. Maybe because a year abroad changes you so much, coming back to a place you lived over a year ago seems almost wrong. I feel a little out of step with being here I guess but I know that I’ll get used to it again.

It also doesn’t help that I now feel insanely old…there are people 2 years younger than me in my lectures and 18 year olds walking around campus. THAT JUST ISN’T OK WITH ME.

2) I forgot one of the most important of all mugs from my blog post last week!

My boyfriend came to visit at the weekend and he pointed out to me that I hadn’t included my very favouritist mug of all in my top five mugs…in fact it is the mug which began my collection! I present to you the President of all mugs, that’s right, it’s OBAMA. I bought this mug the first time I went to New York when I was 19 and it has been a treasured possession ever since. I included two pictures of it below, just to emphasise how insanely awesome it is.



3) I actually went to some non-compulsory uni stuff

I have spent the past three years at university being incredibly lazy and passive. Each year I have all the best intentions but then things like staying in bed and getting hooked into tv shows gets in the way and I just don’t do anything other than what is strictly necessary.

This year is my fresh start and I’m pretty determined to get involved with some extra-curriculars. Yesterday I went to TWO meetings for societies that I’m hoping to join.

For me, going to meetings and stuff is a bit like exercise – I’ll sit around and think about how I can’t be bothered to go and get scared about what people will think of me and then as soon as I’m there I’m so glad I did it. Also, it’s actually like a billion times more fun than exercise, exercise kind of sucks.

4) Really awesome films

Before I came back, my parents and I decided to start watching some ‘classic films’ since we’d run out of House to watch. Despite their frustration with me that I refused to watch anything in black and white (I know, I know I’m missing out on loads of classics but I was born in the 90s, I need full colour to keep me entertained) we managed to find a few that we all wanted to watch.

We started off with Fight Club, which my mum had to leave half way through because it was too violent, normally I can’t handle violence very well either but I persevered because it was so good. I just had to keep a cushion over my face through a large percentage of the film.

We also watched Lincoln (which was great) and Philadelphia (which made me cry hysterically).

A few days before I left we watched JFK which is directed by Oliver Stone. For those of you that haven’t seen it, it’s a true story about an investigation into the supposed conspiracy surrounding JFK’s murder and it is absolutely brilliant. In spite of the fact that we were watching the director’s cut, which comes in at nearly 3 and a half hours, I was gripped the whole way through. I’d highly recommend it.


That’s all I’ve been able to say/think/feel for the past week and a half. I’m whining, I’m complaining and I’m sorry. But I just can’t find anything to say right here, on this blog. I won’t give up but I’m probably not going to be posting nearly as much as I was until the writing starts flowing again…which will probably happen once I need to start focusing on important things like passing my degree. Anyway, just one final mention of the fact that I’m struggling so much, an explanation for why I’m not posting very much at the moment and no more will be said about it. I promise.

That’s all for now





5 thoughts on “My top fives of this week…#4

  1. I absolutely LOVE your Obama mug. It’s amazing and I should get one before next election comes around. I completely understand the whole extra-curricular issue. I go to this club fair every year and put my email a few lists. I then proceed to never go to the meeting because it’s always after seven when I’m already comfy in my pajamas and parked with a book or something equally entertaining. Or homework. I have that too.

    I hope your writer’s block goes away because I love reading your updates. 🙂


    • I know it’s so cool isn’t it?! You should definitely get one. I’m glad someone else is the same with failing to make it to clubs and stuff, I have all the best intentions though 🙂
      That’s so nice of you to say, I’m hoping so too, I miss the blogging world


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