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My top five mugs…

Blogging is not coming easily to me at the moment.

For the past few days I’ve spent at least an hour a day sitting at my desk staring at wordpress/anything in my room/out the window trying to come up with something to say. It’s getting to me.

When I first started writing again in July it just happened. Every time I sat down to write, write I did. Maybe they weren’t amazing but at least I could finish a post and feel good about it at the end.

Over the past few days I’ve written at least four blog posts which have been left unfinished because I just couldn’t get into them. When I find the thing I want to write about I start to feel excited and I can just relax into it, so each time I’ve started one of those failed posts I knew it wasn’t the one, it didn’t feel right.

I know it’s only been a few days since my last post but I was worried that this would happen when I came back to Nottingham and the panic that I’d stop feeling inspired is starting to become more and more real.

So I’ve decided to write a silly and self-indulgent top fives to try and get the creative juices flowing again (although insert your own saying there because that one really grosses me out, I just couldn’t think of another one).

Feel free to indulge me and like or comment….or just quietly close your browser and pretend this never happened, your call.

If you’ve read my About page you’ll know that I really love mugs. When I moved back to Nottingham I realised that there wasn’t enough room in the kitchen for all my mugs. Although I guess that’s hardly surprising since there are kind of a lot of them. So now I keep them in my room, they have a shelf all to themselves, it looks like this…



1) ‘The sappy mug’


My boyfriend bought me this mug, I think for my birthday. As you can see it has lots of pictures of us on it which is sappy but I love sappy so it’s cool. It’s also a great mug for size and handle shape, something which is very important to me since I drink approximately 20039430239 cups of tea a day.

2) ‘The school mug’


When I was living in Albany I was in catered dorms so I didn’t really have any facilities to make anything foodwise. However, pretty much as soon as I got there I decided I was going to have to buy a kettle for my room and obviously I would need a mug to go with it. This mug is one of my all time favourites for several reasons 1) it’s yellow – the best colour in the world, 2) it reminds me of my year abroad whenever I use it, 3) it’s quite big for when a regular sized cup of tea just isn’t enough.

3) ‘The beans mug’


I know that some of my readers who aren’t in the UK won’t be able to appreciate the greatness of this mug because they don’t know about the greatness of Heinz Baked Beans but just trust me on this one, they’re great. Anyways, this mug is beautiful. It is a little too tall for my liking but I’ll allow it because it’s based on the shape of a tin of beans…obviously.

4) ‘The boyband mug’


Take That my friends. The greatest boyband to have ever existed. Of course, this mug has pictures of them after they reformed a few years ago but I originally discovered Take That when I was just a teeny tiny infant and my sister was obsessed with them. Even then I loved them. Still, that’s a story for another blog post (bet you can’t wait for that one).

5) ‘The Disney mug’


Now, I’m not one of those girls that’s obsessed with Disney. Honestly, I find fully grown adults getting sappy over which Disney princess they would be to be pretty bizarre, although I’m writing a blog post about how much I love mugs so who am I to talk? However, on occasion I do enjoy regressing back to my childhood and so, for my 21st birthday my sister and my parents took me to Disneyland which was a lot of fun. It was the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris opening so I got this mug to commemorate my trip. Plus it’s sparkly which is always good.

That’s all for now



12 thoughts on “My top five mugs…

  1. this is awesome! blogging shouldn’t be about performing for others. It’s YOUR outlet. So if it’s mugs you want to write about, then so be it πŸ™‚ You have a great collection and I love your top 5. (the boy band one especially, heehee) I most definitely did not close my browser.


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