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My top five things I’ve learned from Pinterest…

I’ve mentioned a few times the new role pinterest is now playing in my life. I do personally have a pinterest account and I may at some point have shamelessly plugged it in an attempt to get followers.

But I also use it for work because I’m the (self proclaimed) social media consultant at the company I work for. I haven’t run the job title by them yet but I’m sure it’s totally fine. Having the word consultant in my job title makes me sound pretty important huh?

Anyway, because I use work’s pinterest account I’m on there quite a lot doing important pinny things and I’ve learned a few things recently about the world of pinterest.

1) There are actually people who appear to spend their entire day on pinterest

I’m not judging here but there does seem to be plenty of people who are pinning ALL DAY LONG. Don’t you have a job? Or some other sort of hobby?

I have only noticed this because I spend a large amount of time on pinterest but hey, it’s my job, I’m allowed. The people who my company follows who pin non stop are just regular Joes as far as I can tell.

Live and let live and all that but it did kind of surprise me. Although, maybe they do have jobs and they’re just pretending to be working while they’re on pinterest instead…that’s probably what I’d do, oh wait, that is what I do.

2) You can never have too many inspirational quotes

Obviously we all know what I’m talking about here. Even if you don’t have pinterest they pop up on facebook from time to time.

Pinterest appears to be the place where these inspirational slogans typed over pretty pictures go to die a slow, painful and repeatedly repinned life until eventually everyone gets sick of them…or finds a new one. Seriously, at least half of all pins must be these.

Now I’m going to share something with you all, I actually love these quote pins. A combination of me being an eternal optimist and highly emotional means that I’ll read some of these slogans and get goosebumps…actual goosebumps. I know, I’m ashamed but it’s true.

This makes pinterest a bit of a minefield for me. I can’t be sitting at work trying not to cry because a pin from a person I’ve never even met has just told me that I’m beautiful and I should always be myself and to follow my dreams and dance like no one is watching and not to worry, just be happy and appreciate the little things etc. etc. etc.

3) It’s probably better if you don’t have a job if you want to make all those arts and crafts you keep pinning

The thing about pinterest is that people have so many great ideas which I genuinely get excited by when I see them. You know, like really clever storage solutions and amazing ideas on how to make really awesome birthday cakes.

So I’ll see them and I’ll be like ‘yesss pin that bad boy, can’t wait to try it later’. Then 2 minutes later I see something else which similarly grabs my attention and so the cycle continues.

What I really would be interested to know is how many people actually do any of the crafty things they find on pinterest. If you’re one of these people who does then I applaud you. Maybe I’m the only one who knows full well that I’ll almost definitely never get round to it and end up going and buying some cool storage boxes from Ikea instead. But then, Ikea will definitely have done a better job than I could so it’s probably for the best.

4) You will feel inadequate if you can’t master amazing hair styles/nails

Every hairstyle proclaims to be the easiest thing ever but I mostly don’t even bother clicking because I know that their definition of easy is still going to involve something a lot more complicated than either brushing my hair or putting it in a ponytail which is about all I can master.

It’s the same story with the nails in that you’ll need actual artistic talent to be able to do them. Unfortunately it ain’t gonna happen for me.

5) Pinterest is the most fun if you’re getting married or have kids

There has been too many moments when I’ve seen something for a wedding and thought ‘how lovely, shame I’m not engaged’. Even more frightening is when I see some great organisational system for a child’s bedroom or an amazing birthday present from mother to daughter idea and think ‘hmm might pin that…just for future reference’.


That’s all for now



19 thoughts on “My top five things I’ve learned from Pinterest…

  1. captureyouphotography says:

    I think Pinterest is an amazing thing for those of us who love it. I use it to promote my business but I also spend a lot of time on Pinterest pinning things I want to make. If I can get to half of the things I have pinned I will be happy. I am a pinterest addict. Love your article.


  2. Fellow pinner here–I agree with all, and would add that I’d need to try a new recipe every meal for the next several years to make all the recipes I’ve pinned. I love to cook, but let’s be realistic here! Great post!


    • That’s another good one, my most added to board is for recipes, I just don’t know how they make the food look so delicious, it never looks that good when I do it!


  3. I have a board that’s titled “For My Wedding…Someday.” Is that a problem? Should I not be planning my wedding when I don’t want to be married for another five years? I could delete it, BUT WHAT IF I FORGET IT ALL?! I NEED this information to pick out a photographer. I really really do.


    • Haha you’re hilarious. I think it’s ok, the main reason I avoid it is because I’m concerned that my boyfriend would see it and start freaking out on me that I was expecting a proposal imminently. You’re right though, someday we’re gonna need this stuff!


    • That does sound like a good idea, there are some wonderful ‘I can’t believe I never thought of that’ ideas on pinterest which just make life so much easier


  4. Wow, guilty of all but #4 – I just don’t care that much about doing my hair and nails.

    I love the inspirational quotes and gazed at my quote board about a million times before I quit my job. I’ve actually made some of the things I’ve pinned–but only because I was hosting a bridal shower. I’m already married and have started a board to renew our vows–it wasn’t fair, I got married before Pinterest, I get a do-over 🙂


  5. Rainbow Unicorn Poop – pinned it, made it, ate it!

    From one fellow pinner to another: What do you do for a living and can you get me a job?? I want to pin and be paid for it too!!!
    Great post and a perfect description for Pinterest. Especially #4 I’ve got a zillion pins on hair and nails but realistically I can’t do squat aside from a basic braid. Don’t even get me started on the pins in my food section. A thousand recipes to try….. I’m ever hopeful still though. 🙂


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