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My top five foods that I miss (the home edition)…

Just under a year ago now, during my first semester in the states, I wrote a blog post about the foods from England that I was missing. Now the tables have turned and I find myself pining for some good old, horribly fattening but incredibly delicious, American delights. I guess there’s just no pleasing me.

1) Chicken Bacon Ranch

I was first introduced to the combination of chicken, bacon and ranch dressing on a pizza, a fairly standard pizza topping as I understand it. Little did I know that I would soon discover a whole world of chicken bacon ranch treats in the form of sandwiches, calzones and even pasta dishes. Only to have them ripped away from me when I returned to England.

Yes, I could find a recipe for ranch dressing, cook up some chicken and bacon and try and replicate it but you and I both know that it will never come close to a fresh slice from a pizza place eaten on the way home from a night out.

2) ‘The Diner’

Two of my friends and I began frequenting a local diner while we were living in Albany. It did have an actual name but I can’t remember it because we just called it ‘the diner’, I feel like that’s quite an American thing to

The first few times we went there I got a burger. Whoever decided putting onion rings inside a burger was a good idea, I applaud you. After a while we got into the habit of just ordering two appetizers instead of a main to maximise variety. I would go for the fried ravioli, mozzarella sticks…basically anything fried. God, I miss that place.

3) Cheesecake Factory

No, it does not look like this

To an American this is old news but to us brits the Cheesecake Factory was a whole new world. First of all, you go in with expectations of it looking like it does on The Big Bang Theory. Once you get over the fact that it’s actually miles posher than that you’re faced with the most extensive menu in the history of all menus. Seriously, this thing goes on forever, which does not help someone as indecisive as me.

Obviously, the reason you’re really there is for the cheesecake. Words cannot describe how amazing the cheesecake is there (I mean obviously, it is the cheesecake factory). 

My only criticism of this place? If you’re going to serve me a slice of cheesecake which contains 1500 calories, please don’t write that on the menu, I’d prefer to be in blissful ignorance, thanks.

4) Various Pulled Meats

I miss pulled pork. And pulled chicken. Are there other kinds of meat that can be pulled? I don’t know. Anyway, those two are enough for me.

5) Katz’s Deli

On my last trip to Katz's Deli

On my last trip to Katz’s Deli

Sight of ‘that scene’ from When Harry Met Sally. More importantly, home to the best pastrami sandwich in the world.

The first time I went was my first time in New York when I was 19, we had no clue what was going on, it’s loud and busy and full of meat (seriously). Someone eventually came to our rescue and took us to a table.

Now I’ve been there plenty more times and I love it. I love the food, I love looking at the pictures of all the celebrities on the walls and I love that you feel like you’re sitting in somewhere that has a history.

That’s all for now




10 thoughts on “My top five foods that I miss (the home edition)…

  1. You are too cute with your Katz Deli pastrami! And I agree, you are making me very hungry… The food is very different in Australia and I wonder what I would miss if I didn’t live here anymore!


    • Oh yes, I forgot about this idea! I think that sounds like the best thing ever, when I move to London and you’ve opened it I’ll be there every night Jojo 🙂 xxxx


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