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My top five moments of a trip to Ikea…

It is a well known fact among my family and friends that I love Ikea.

Of course the main highlight of any trip to Ikea is the meatballs. But once you’ve had your fill of their Swedish meaty goodness, there is so much more fun to be had.

When I was in sixth form I even made up a song about Ikea to entertain my friends during a particularly boring free period. The lyrics were very simple, something along the lines of “Ikea, Ikea, everybody loves Ikea” and I would sing it in a terrible Swedish accent (think Phoebe from Friends when she pretended to be Swedish that time). I was considering marketing it as an idea for Sweden’s new national anthem until I met a legit Swedish person and they told me that Sweden isn’t just one giant Ikea…who knew?

Anyway, Ikea tends to send me into a bit of a hyperactive state so today I decided to channel this energy into something useful like writing a blog post about it. So here is your taste of what I would class to be the defining moments of any trip to Ikea.

ikea1) Forgo the ball pit and head for the meatballs…

Ok so you arrive at Ikea and the first thing you see is the play area which was a major thrill when I was a little thing. Except back in those days it was just a ball pit…now it looks way more exciting.

playCastle keep? What the hell is that?

Anyway…these days I’m all about the food. If you take a trip to Ikea and don’t go and have meatballs I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.

meatballsJust look at those bad boys!

2) Pick up a tiny pencil and try on some fur…

No trip to Ikea would be complete without a tiny pencil. We all know the ones I’m talking about but just for consistency, here’s a picture of the tiny pencil.

tinypencilAs well as tiny pencils, Ikea has a great range of fur products (I’m not sure if it’s real fur or not, for that price I’m inclined to say no). Ever since I remember going to Ikea one of my favourite things to do was go around and stroke/wear all of the furry things. Here’s an example.

fur3) Pretend you live in Ikea…

Welcome to my kitchen, take a seat while I cook you some food.

kitchenAnd now we’ve eaten let’s go and relax in my living room.

sofaI’m tired now I’m going to bed.

bed4) Play with all the toys in the kids section…

I am going to buy all of my future kids toys from Ikea. No child’s bedroom would be complete without the classic Ikea snake.

snakeOr even better, Mr Carrot and Miss Broccoli, teach your kids to have fun AND love vegetables!

vegetables5) And finally…

Get more meatballs to take home with you!

takehomemeatballsThat’s all for now


P.s. I must apologise for my appearance in these photos, I went straight from work. Hopefully the awesomeness of Ikea will distract you from my face. Oh and in case you were wondering who that man is on the sofa with me, it’s my dad.



9 thoughts on “My top five moments of a trip to Ikea…

  1. We can be friends as I love their meatballs, too šŸ™‚ Yay! My girls are 7 and 11 and when they were much younger, that’s where all of their toys came from. The art supplies (easel, markers, paper sheets, etc) are awesome. We also do get a fair amount of furniture there, though I’ll say that the stuff you don’t want chipping a year into use should not come from IKEA šŸ˜¦ Love that you play house there. Yes, we can totally be friends!


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