My Fresh Start...

My top five reactions to becoming a redhead…

I dyed my hair a few weeks ago. It used to be blonde, now it’s red. It’s had an overall positive response although there has been the odd sightly strange or ambivalent comment as well.

I thought I’d share a few of my favourite with you.

1) “What made you do that?!”

I choose to take this one as a positive comment asked out of interest, not because they’re questioning my decision. The idea actually came to me during one of my many viewings of Pitch Perfect, when I realised how astonishingly great Brittany Snow looked with ginger/red hair. As it turns out my hair is a lot redder than hers and the whole story got kind of boring to explain so now I just say something non-committal like ‘Oh, I just felt like it’, much easier.

2) “Are you going to dye your eyebrows to match?”

The answer to this is, no I’m bloody not. I happen to be fairly lucky in that I have almost invisible eyebrows. Is this lucky, you might ask. Well it means that I don’t have to go through the ordeal of plucking them which is very lucky because I simply can’t be arsed with that kind of personal grooming. Why people think I would go to the effort of dying them a visible colour I don’t know.

3) “Well, it’ll certainly take a lot of getting used to…”

This was my boyfriend/dad’s reaction. I guess it makes sense, my boyfriend has only ever known me as a blonde and even my dad hasn’t seem me with any other hair colour for a good 5 or 6 years. This was how I felt at first as well, there were many moments of me doing double takes in the mirror, unsure of who it was looking back at me for a split second. I’ve got there now though…it’s me!

4) “Are you going to keep it like that?”

This is a strange one. Obviously the answer is yes; it looks great. However, by asking me that you’re implying that you do not think it looks great. In which case, why be so rude? Or maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions…

5) “Some people go to a lot of trouble to dye their hair so that it’s not that colour”

Erm, excuse me? To be fair only one person has said this to me and I don’t think he quite realised that this maybe wasn’t the best thing to say. I put it down to the fact that he’s one of my parent’s slightly older employees, this is, after all, a typically tactless Dad comment to make. I realise there is some stigma attached to being ginger which I personally think is mostly unfounded, I know plenty of gingers who look simply wonderful. Aside from that I’M NOT GINGER, I’m a redhead, and either way please don’t say strange comments like this to me because I’m not very sure how to react and it gets a little awkward.


After all this I’m sure you’re all dying (see what I did there) to see what it looks like…well, here goes.

Here's me before, holding a litre of mojito...

Here’s me before, holding a litre of mojito…

andddd after!

Looks good right?!

Looks good right?!

Just kidding, here it is for reals

That's me on the left

That’s me on the left

That’s all for now




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