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My top five songs…#1

I’ve wanted to write about my all time favourite songs for a while now but it’s tricky to narrow it down to just five you know?

Not only that but I wanted to give a bit more attention to each one individually because they’re all quite different and special to me in different ways.

So, I’ve decided to just do a series of five posts each containing one of the songs and we’ll see how that goes.

First off is Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen.

My mum is a massive Bruce Springsteen fan and a few years ago she started playing his CDs in the car. We would go out somewhere and Bruce would be playing and this is the song that I remember always being crazy about.

Whenever I hear this song now it reminds me of being in the car with my mum dancing and singing at full volume. Just hearing the first note makes me smile.

Oh Bruce…

A few months ago I went to a Springsteen concert with my parents and my sister. It makes my mum very happy to know that she’s passed her love of Brucey down to us. When Dancing in the Dark came on I was jumping around like a crazy person.

The video to this song is also a keeper, it’s got Brucey dancing around on stage looking oh so young and then Courteney Cox comes along in her pre-friends days. Apparently the famous ‘Carlton Dance’ from Fresh Prince of Bel Air was based on the way she dances in this video…I think you can see the similarity!

Anyway, this song will always be an all time favourite. It’s mine and my mums song.

That’s all for now


My Favourite Things...

My top five mugs…

Blogging is not coming easily to me at the moment.

For the past few days I’ve spent at least an hour a day sitting at my desk staring at wordpress/anything in my room/out the window trying to come up with something to say. It’s getting to me.

When I first started writing again in July it just happened. Every time I sat down to write, write I did. Maybe they weren’t amazing but at least I could finish a post and feel good about it at the end.

Over the past few days I’ve written at least four blog posts which have been left unfinished because I just couldn’t get into them. When I find the thing I want to write about I start to feel excited and I can just relax into it, so each time I’ve started one of those failed posts I knew it wasn’t the one, it didn’t feel right.

I know it’s only been a few days since my last post but I was worried that this would happen when I came back to Nottingham and the panic that I’d stop feeling inspired is starting to become more and more real.

So I’ve decided to write a silly and self-indulgent top fives to try and get the creative juices flowing again (although insert your own saying there because that one really grosses me out, I just couldn’t think of another one).

Feel free to indulge me and like or comment….or just quietly close your browser and pretend this never happened, your call.

If you’ve read my About page you’ll know that I really love mugs. When I moved back to Nottingham I realised that there wasn’t enough room in the kitchen for all my mugs. Although I guess that’s hardly surprising since there are kind of a lot of them. So now I keep them in my room, they have a shelf all to themselves, it looks like this…



1) ‘The sappy mug’


My boyfriend bought me this mug, I think for my birthday. As you can see it has lots of pictures of us on it which is sappy but I love sappy so it’s cool. It’s also a great mug for size and handle shape, something which is very important to me since I drink approximately 20039430239 cups of tea a day.

2) ‘The school mug’


When I was living in Albany I was in catered dorms so I didn’t really have any facilities to make anything foodwise. However, pretty much as soon as I got there I decided I was going to have to buy a kettle for my room and obviously I would need a mug to go with it. This mug is one of my all time favourites for several reasons 1) it’s yellow – the best colour in the world, 2) it reminds me of my year abroad whenever I use it, 3) it’s quite big for when a regular sized cup of tea just isn’t enough.

3) ‘The beans mug’


I know that some of my readers who aren’t in the UK won’t be able to appreciate the greatness of this mug because they don’t know about the greatness of Heinz Baked Beans but just trust me on this one, they’re great. Anyways, this mug is beautiful. It is a little too tall for my liking but I’ll allow it because it’s based on the shape of a tin of beans…obviously.

4) ‘The boyband mug’


Take That my friends. The greatest boyband to have ever existed. Of course, this mug has pictures of them after they reformed a few years ago but I originally discovered Take That when I was just a teeny tiny infant and my sister was obsessed with them. Even then I loved them. Still, that’s a story for another blog post (bet you can’t wait for that one).

5) ‘The Disney mug’


Now, I’m not one of those girls that’s obsessed with Disney. Honestly, I find fully grown adults getting sappy over which Disney princess they would be to be pretty bizarre, although I’m writing a blog post about how much I love mugs so who am I to talk? However, on occasion I do enjoy regressing back to my childhood and so, for my 21st birthday my sister and my parents took me to Disneyland which was a lot of fun. It was the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris opening so I got this mug to commemorate my trip. Plus it’s sparkly which is always good.

That’s all for now


Top Fives...

My top five things I’ve learned from Pinterest…

I’ve mentioned a few times the new role pinterest is now playing in my life. I do personally have a pinterest account and I may at some point have shamelessly plugged it in an attempt to get followers.

But I also use it for work because I’m the (self proclaimed) social media consultant at the company I work for. I haven’t run the job title by them yet but I’m sure it’s totally fine. Having the word consultant in my job title makes me sound pretty important huh?

Anyway, because I use work’s pinterest account I’m on there quite a lot doing important pinny things and I’ve learned a few things recently about the world of pinterest.

1) There are actually people who appear to spend their entire day on pinterest

I’m not judging here but there does seem to be plenty of people who are pinning ALL DAY LONG. Don’t you have a job? Or some other sort of hobby?

I have only noticed this because I spend a large amount of time on pinterest but hey, it’s my job, I’m allowed. The people who my company follows who pin non stop are just regular Joes as far as I can tell.

Live and let live and all that but it did kind of surprise me. Although, maybe they do have jobs and they’re just pretending to be working while they’re on pinterest instead…that’s probably what I’d do, oh wait, that is what I do.

2) You can never have too many inspirational quotes

Obviously we all know what I’m talking about here. Even if you don’t have pinterest they pop up on facebook from time to time.

Pinterest appears to be the place where these inspirational slogans typed over pretty pictures go to die a slow, painful and repeatedly repinned life until eventually everyone gets sick of them…or finds a new one. Seriously, at least half of all pins must be these.

Now I’m going to share something with you all, I actually love these quote pins. A combination of me being an eternal optimist and highly emotional means that I’ll read some of these slogans and get goosebumps…actual goosebumps. I know, I’m ashamed but it’s true.

This makes pinterest a bit of a minefield for me. I can’t be sitting at work trying not to cry because a pin from a person I’ve never even met has just told me that I’m beautiful and I should always be myself and to follow my dreams and dance like no one is watching and not to worry, just be happy and appreciate the little things etc. etc. etc.

3) It’s probably better if you don’t have a job if you want to make all those arts and crafts you keep pinning

The thing about pinterest is that people have so many great ideas which I genuinely get excited by when I see them. You know, like really clever storage solutions and amazing ideas on how to make really awesome birthday cakes.

So I’ll see them and I’ll be like ‘yesss pin that bad boy, can’t wait to try it later’. Then 2 minutes later I see something else which similarly grabs my attention and so the cycle continues.

What I really would be interested to know is how many people actually do any of the crafty things they find on pinterest. If you’re one of these people who does then I applaud you. Maybe I’m the only one who knows full well that I’ll almost definitely never get round to it and end up going and buying some cool storage boxes from Ikea instead. But then, Ikea will definitely have done a better job than I could so it’s probably for the best.

4) You will feel inadequate if you can’t master amazing hair styles/nails

Every hairstyle proclaims to be the easiest thing ever but I mostly don’t even bother clicking because I know that their definition of easy is still going to involve something a lot more complicated than either brushing my hair or putting it in a ponytail which is about all I can master.

It’s the same story with the nails in that you’ll need actual artistic talent to be able to do them. Unfortunately it ain’t gonna happen for me.

5) Pinterest is the most fun if you’re getting married or have kids

There has been too many moments when I’ve seen something for a wedding and thought ‘how lovely, shame I’m not engaged’. Even more frightening is when I see some great organisational system for a child’s bedroom or an amazing birthday present from mother to daughter idea and think ‘hmm might pin that…just for future reference’.


That’s all for now


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Blog birthday and a daily prompt…

WordPress just informed me that I started this blog a year ago. I’m not really counting it as a year because there was a huge long gap when I wasn’t blogging at all.

When in doubt, a picture of a cat is always appropriate

Still, a lot has changed over the past year and I might even give you lucky readers a chance to read a top fives about that tomorrow, depending on how I’m feeling.

Right now I just wanted to take a brief moment (and it will be brief because I’ve just got home from a friend’s house and I need to go to bed very soon) to consider today’s Daily Prompt. Which is actually about public speaking but I’m making it about my blog because it’s my blog’s birthday and so today is all about my blog.

For me, public speaking is something I don’t really come into contact with that much. I know that I can do it but I’d really rather not. I just don’t really enjoy everyone looking at me because I think I’m quite an awkward person.

What I do come into contact with a lot is writing. Writing right here for the ‘public’ to see.

It’s scary.

When I first started this blog a year ago I was safe in the knowledge that no one other than a handful of friends and family were reading it and even then I worried. Now I have people (not many but a few) who actually follow this blog, who comment on my posts and I appreciate every one of them. But it also means I have to check and check and check again that what I’m writing is coming across the way I want it to. And even more so, that I haven’t made any stupid mistakes that make me look like an idiot.

I’ve had posts that have been surprisingly popular when I thought they were pretty average and I’ve had posts I’ve poured my heart into and they’ve bombed with everyone but my parents who are eternally enthusiastic (and for that I am truly thankful).

Every time I press that publish button I have a moment when I think maybe I should have done something differently but then I remind myself that I just spent the last half an hour reading it over and over and checking it for mistakes.

Yeah public speaking is real hard…but it’s got nothing on this blogging stuff!

That’s all for now


P.s Thanks to anyone who actually does read and comment on my blog. I love you all very much in a platonic, internet friend kind of way.

My Year Abroad...

My top five foods that I miss (the home edition)…

Just under a year ago now, during my first semester in the states, I wrote a blog post about the foods from England that I was missing. Now the tables have turned and I find myself pining for some good old, horribly fattening but incredibly delicious, American delights. I guess there’s just no pleasing me.

1) Chicken Bacon Ranch

I was first introduced to the combination of chicken, bacon and ranch dressing on a pizza, a fairly standard pizza topping as I understand it. Little did I know that I would soon discover a whole world of chicken bacon ranch treats in the form of sandwiches, calzones and even pasta dishes. Only to have them ripped away from me when I returned to England.

Yes, I could find a recipe for ranch dressing, cook up some chicken and bacon and try and replicate it but you and I both know that it will never come close to a fresh slice from a pizza place eaten on the way home from a night out.

2) ‘The Diner’

Two of my friends and I began frequenting a local diner while we were living in Albany. It did have an actual name but I can’t remember it because we just called it ‘the diner’, I feel like that’s quite an American thing to

The first few times we went there I got a burger. Whoever decided putting onion rings inside a burger was a good idea, I applaud you. After a while we got into the habit of just ordering two appetizers instead of a main to maximise variety. I would go for the fried ravioli, mozzarella sticks…basically anything fried. God, I miss that place.

3) Cheesecake Factory

No, it does not look like this

To an American this is old news but to us brits the Cheesecake Factory was a whole new world. First of all, you go in with expectations of it looking like it does on The Big Bang Theory. Once you get over the fact that it’s actually miles posher than that you’re faced with the most extensive menu in the history of all menus. Seriously, this thing goes on forever, which does not help someone as indecisive as me.

Obviously, the reason you’re really there is for the cheesecake. Words cannot describe how amazing the cheesecake is there (I mean obviously, it is the cheesecake factory). 

My only criticism of this place? If you’re going to serve me a slice of cheesecake which contains 1500 calories, please don’t write that on the menu, I’d prefer to be in blissful ignorance, thanks.

4) Various Pulled Meats

I miss pulled pork. And pulled chicken. Are there other kinds of meat that can be pulled? I don’t know. Anyway, those two are enough for me.

5) Katz’s Deli

On my last trip to Katz's Deli

On my last trip to Katz’s Deli

Sight of ‘that scene’ from When Harry Met Sally. More importantly, home to the best pastrami sandwich in the world.

The first time I went was my first time in New York when I was 19, we had no clue what was going on, it’s loud and busy and full of meat (seriously). Someone eventually came to our rescue and took us to a table.

Now I’ve been there plenty more times and I love it. I love the food, I love looking at the pictures of all the celebrities on the walls and I love that you feel like you’re sitting in somewhere that has a history.

That’s all for now



My Favourite Things...

Right, time for some awards…

Hey Guys,

I’ve been neglecting my blog this weekend and I feel bad. I had to go to Nottingham to move some stuff into my new house before I move in properly next weekend so most of my weekend was spent packing and then going to the house.

Anyways, I decided to start this week off with doing the posts for the blog awards I’ve been nominated for over the past two weeks. Let me just say how excited I got when I got the first one…and then the second one…and by the third one well it all got a bit much for me! I know these awards get passed around and lots of people have them but it’s so nice to know that people actually read and enjoy my blog 🙂

Okay, enough cheesiness, on with the awards.


The first one was from Cleopatra Loves Books and it was a Liebster Award. Thank you very much, go check out her blog for lots of book goodness .

Okay, for this one I need to follow these rules…

-Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.
-Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
-Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
-Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
-Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them

Here are my answers to the 10 questions.

1. What is your favourite book of all time? This is really quite tricky. The books which have stuck with me and I would happily read again and again are all but the second of the Harry Potter series (obviously), The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and Little Women.

2. Where would you like to live if money were no object? I think probably New York City or San Francisco

3. Do you have a phobia or real hatred for something that would be in your room 101? What is it? I can’t really think of anything right now.

4. What’s the first thing you do when you get in after a hard day? As lame as it sounds, most days when I get home at the moment I get into bed and read/write blogs for a few hours. This definitely cheers me up if I’ve had a rubbish day.

5. Do you lie to your doctor about how much you drink/how much exercise you take? Hmm interesting, I pretty much never go to the doctor but if I did I probably wouldn’t bother lying. I don’t drink much anymore and I don’t really feel that embarrassed about the fact that I’m incredibly lazy (although I probably should)

6. What is your current favourite TV Show? GREY’S ANATOMY…OMG I love it so much.

7. Do you tell shop assistants if they give you too much change? Erm…I can’t think of a time that this has happened to me but I probably wouldn’t even notice until I’d left the shop, I’m always in too much of a panic to get out of the way for the next person to notice something like that.

8. Do you laugh or own up if someone tells you a joke that you don’t get? Usually just own up, depends if it’s someone I want to impress or not.

9. Is there a cheesy song that you secretly love? If so what is it? There are tons of cheesy songs which I would happily admit to loving, probably the most embarrassing in recent years way when me and my friends went through a major phase of loving Call Me Maybe.

10. Which historical character would you like to be for a day? Right now, while I’m obsessed with my dissertation topic I’d probably choose Eleanor Roosevelt so I could really get to the bottom of what her life was like.

Ok now I’m supposed to nominate 10 blogs but I’m just gonna do five so I can give the other awards to some people too.

  1. My Gap Year Adventure
  2. Nobslyfe
  3. Reading With a Feather
  4. My [redacted] Journey
  5. If All Else Fails…Use a Hammer

Now I’m supposed to ask 10 questions.

  1. How did you come up with name for your blog?
  2. What prompted you to start a blog?
  3. What are five of your favourite things?
  4. Who do you most admire?
  5. What’s your favourite comfort food?
  6. Are you superstitious?
  7. What was your dream job when you were little?
  8. When’s your birthday and what’s your favourite way to celebrate it?
  9. Where is the best place you’ve travelled to?
  10. What have you done today?

I realise those questions leave a lot to be desire…I’ve been at work all day and my brain isn’t working at full speed.

Right, onto the second one. That would be the Versatile Blogger Award which was given to me by Oldest Daughter & Red Headed Sister, versitale-award1I’ve just started reading this blog and I’m really enjoying it, go check it out.

This is what goes down with this award…

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

I’m going to nominate five more for this one and then five more for the last one, hope that’s cool with everyone.

  1. Vivienne’s Process of Elmination
  2. The Coffee Loverr
  3. Food For Fun
  4. Dating Dramas Of A Thirty Something
  5. The Mom in Black

The next one asks for 7 facts so I’m going to cheat a bit and just do seven altogether..that’s quite enough facts about me for one day so hold tight.shineonnerissa12313

The final award was from Mindurspirit and is the Shine On award. This is a really nice blog with lots of wise words, take a look!

The rules for this one are…

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award requirements.

So I’ll nominate 5 more blogs for this one.

  1. Drinking Tips for Teens
  2. Yummy Food Made Easy
  3. Stunted Adults
  4. Flavors of Bogota
  5. Here and Loathing

And now for those two, here’s some facts about me.

  1. I’m obsessed with watching hospital dramas and they always make me wish I’d become a doctor despite having no talent in science and being unable to handle the sight of blood…therefore making me a terrible candidate for becoming a doctor.
  2. I used to act in youth theatres a lot when I was younger and I miss performing all the time, even though I’m much shyer now and probably wouldn’t have the guts.
  3. I have two older sisters who are pretty cool and I come from a very close family…this sounds a bit cringey but my parents are my best friends.
  4. Every time someone comments on or follows my blog I get really excited and tell whoever happens to be close by. I still find it surprising that people actually read it!
  5. I was best friends with my boyfriend for two years before we got together.
  6. I hate dogs and ice cream.
  7. My favourite colour is and always will be yellow,

There you have it, 7 completely random facts off the top of my head.

I realise lots of people don’t do blogging awards or have already received these ones so it’s cool if the people I’ve nominated don’t want to do them…just know I think your blogs are really great! And thanks so much to the three people that nominated me, I think you’re really great too!

That’s all for now


My Favourite Things...

My top five moments of a trip to Ikea…

It is a well known fact among my family and friends that I love Ikea.

Of course the main highlight of any trip to Ikea is the meatballs. But once you’ve had your fill of their Swedish meaty goodness, there is so much more fun to be had.

When I was in sixth form I even made up a song about Ikea to entertain my friends during a particularly boring free period. The lyrics were very simple, something along the lines of “Ikea, Ikea, everybody loves Ikea” and I would sing it in a terrible Swedish accent (think Phoebe from Friends when she pretended to be Swedish that time). I was considering marketing it as an idea for Sweden’s new national anthem until I met a legit Swedish person and they told me that Sweden isn’t just one giant Ikea…who knew?

Anyway, Ikea tends to send me into a bit of a hyperactive state so today I decided to channel this energy into something useful like writing a blog post about it. So here is your taste of what I would class to be the defining moments of any trip to Ikea.

ikea1) Forgo the ball pit and head for the meatballs…

Ok so you arrive at Ikea and the first thing you see is the play area which was a major thrill when I was a little thing. Except back in those days it was just a ball pit…now it looks way more exciting.

playCastle keep? What the hell is that?

Anyway…these days I’m all about the food. If you take a trip to Ikea and don’t go and have meatballs I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.

meatballsJust look at those bad boys!

2) Pick up a tiny pencil and try on some fur…

No trip to Ikea would be complete without a tiny pencil. We all know the ones I’m talking about but just for consistency, here’s a picture of the tiny pencil.

tinypencilAs well as tiny pencils, Ikea has a great range of fur products (I’m not sure if it’s real fur or not, for that price I’m inclined to say no). Ever since I remember going to Ikea one of my favourite things to do was go around and stroke/wear all of the furry things. Here’s an example.

fur3) Pretend you live in Ikea…

Welcome to my kitchen, take a seat while I cook you some food.

kitchenAnd now we’ve eaten let’s go and relax in my living room.

sofaI’m tired now I’m going to bed.

bed4) Play with all the toys in the kids section…

I am going to buy all of my future kids toys from Ikea. No child’s bedroom would be complete without the classic Ikea snake.

snakeOr even better, Mr Carrot and Miss Broccoli, teach your kids to have fun AND love vegetables!

vegetables5) And finally…

Get more meatballs to take home with you!

takehomemeatballsThat’s all for now


P.s. I must apologise for my appearance in these photos, I went straight from work. Hopefully the awesomeness of Ikea will distract you from my face. Oh and in case you were wondering who that man is on the sofa with me, it’s my dad.


My Favourite Things...

My top five reasons to be thankful today…

I’ve been in kind of a bad mood recently. Not the whole time but there’s a few things bugging me which I need to get resolved. However, that’s not what this post is about.

The lovely Daily Prompt has given me a reason to write about good stuff instead, so that’s what I’m going to do. You know how I like to be positive.

Here’s five good things which I’m thankful for.

I might point out that these were five random things I could think of right now which are relevant to things I’ve been thinking about/have happened to me recently. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway so that people don’t think I’m ungrateful) that above all I’m thankful for my family and friends and my health and all that jazz.

Right, on with the actual list.

1) Some blogging awards

Recently some lovely people nominated me for some blogging awards. I’d never received one before and then lo and behold I got two in one week. That’s made me really happy and I am VERY thankful. The relevant award posts will follow soon I promise.

2) Oh lordy it’s good TV season again

If I can give you one piece of advice, it’s to watch this right now.

I’d love to be the kind of person this wouldn’t be important to but the drought of worthwhile TV over the past few months is one of the few things that makes me dislike summer. Now that there’s zero chance of pleasant weather here in England I don’t have to feel guilty for staying in bed all day on the weekends and watching all the great TV which is about to start up again. The highlights for me will be Homeland and The Mindy Project. I thank the TV gods that it’s about to rain down great viewing options once more.


3) Interesting comments

My last blog was a bit more serious than usual and I had a few comments on it which I appreciated. This isn’t just because getting comments makes me feel loved (and everyone should do it more) but also because I really like hearing what other people think about what I’ve written, especially when it’s on a more serious topic. Everyone has different and interesting opinions and part of the reason I’ve got so into blogging is because I like reading other people’s opinions on things. Getting comments that make me think more about what I’ve written, whether they agree with me or not, is exactly why blogging is so good for me and I’m very thankful that people take the time to do it.

4) Carbs

This is fairly self explanatory. I’ve decided that the only way I’m going to survive this winter is by eating a lot of pasta and bread and I’m very thankful that these tummy warming treats exist to help me get through the next few months.

5) My boyfriend doesn’t like football

That’s right…put it in the bin

Football is back on the telly or so I gather from Twitter. Some big football thing happened the other day…I don’t know, I couldn’t care less. What I would care about is if I had to pretend to care about football so that I could make my boyfriend feel loved if he wanted to talk to me about it. Every time a guy mentions football in my presence or I see a tweet or facebook update about it or, god forbid, I accidentally see a second of a football match on TV, I remember how thankful I am that my boyfriend doesn’t like it. Or any sport at all really, we’re very well suited in that respect.

That’s all for now


My Future...

Why 30 has to be the new 20 for some of us…

Yesterday I listened to a TED talk by clinical psychologist Meg Jay about “Why 30 is not the new 20”.

Jay wants us to embrace our twenties because they will define our futures. However, I can’t help feeling that this pressure in today’s job market is a little unfair.

My boyfriend has just graduated and I have watched him struggle to find a job over the past few months, sending out hundreds of applications.

And what did he have to show for all this hard work? Two job offers.

He didn’t get a single other response.

Two job offers…that’s pretty good you might think. So where were these jobs then? One was for a part time position stacking shelves at a supermarket chain. The other was for a 3 month unpaid internship at a PR company.

In the end he decided to take the hit of being unpaid and get the experience of working at the PR company. Luckily he’s enjoying it but it finishes in November…then what?

I find it incredibly frustrating that this is the position that bright, hard working graduates from good universities with good degrees are being forced into. Choosing between working in a supermarket where they will gain no valuable experience or working for nothing.

And not only that, but we’re supposed to be grateful that we’re working for nothing, that we’re being given this great opportunity to be exploited.

Maybe I sound a little extreme here but this is by no means an isolated case. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about people having to work far beyond what is reasonable for an intern and yet still going home with nothing at the end of the day but the vague hope that it’ll lead to something better.

And my boyfriend is one of the lucky ones. He is lucky to live close enough to London that he can get an internship in the city and still live at home with his parents. He is lucky that he has managed to get an internship position that he is interested in and where he is able to make connections which might help him in the future. And he is lucky that he even has the luxury to make the decision between a paid and unpaid job, for many graduates the option of working for nothing is out of the question.

So what does this have to do with the TED talk I started off talking about? Jay claims that our twenties are actually “the defining decade of adulthood” which I have nothing against in principle. What I do have a problem with is that there are thousands of twentysomethings who are unable to use their twenties to define their lives in terms of a career because they are unable to find or to afford to have the career they want.

I have nothing against working hard but the fact that we have no choice but to do it for nothing seems horribly unfair. If I had it my way companies wouldn’t be allowed to have people working for them when they’re not paying them minimum wage or at least giving them the guarantee of a job at the end of it.

I don’t know what will happen when I graduate, maybe I’ll be one of the lucky ones. But, to be honest, the future looks kind of bleak.

Here’s the TED talk if you’d like to watch. I like what Jay is saying. I’m just feeling a little disenchanted at the moment.

That’s all for now


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My top five places to people watch…

People watching is a fulfilling hobby for someone with too much time on their hands. I hear it’s a good way to get inspiration for fiction writing although I don’t write fiction so I wouldn’t know about that.

And that’s not for lack of trying, I have piles and piles of notebooks from when I was younger filled with absolutely dreadful ‘stories’ that I tried to write as a child. I tackled topics I knew nothing about, tried to write as if I were one of my favourite childhood authors and was basically convinced I was going to be a published author before I hit 18.

Anyway, back to people watching. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like doing it, what is it that fascinates us about other people I wonder. This kind of makes me think back to when I wrote about why I enjoy reading blog posts a few weeks ago. It’s sort of the same thing don’t you think?

I love reading blogs because I like getting an insight into other people’s lives…the same reason why I’ll sit and watch people as they sit at the table next to me in Starbucks or walk along the street outside my house. Of course it’s a less thorough insight into their lives, but that’s what your imagination is for.

1) From your car

Well in my case someone else’s car, since I can’t drive, but it still applies, In fact it’s probably best to undertake people watching while you’re a passenger since you don’t have to be distracted with the task of actually driving the vehicle. Unless you’re stopped at traffic lights or whatever.

Anyway, cars are a good place to watch people who are walking along the pavement because most people don’t look into cars so you can go completely unnoticed which is handy if you don’t want to deal with the person realising that you’re staring at them.

2) In a waiting area or on public transport

This is just great because you’re often sitting next to groups of people. If you’re on your own and therefore not engaged in your own conversation, this also offers you the opportunity to listen to what people are saying. This adds a whole new dimension to people watching. We all know how important first impressions are and so you’re likely to glean everything you need to know from these people on a ten minute bus ride.

3) Bars/Clubs

People watching in a place where people are getting progressively more intoxicated guarantees anyone watching a fun/hilarious experience. My boyfriend DJs sometimes and a few months ago I went and hung out with him in the DJ booth at a bar he was working at. While he was pressing buttons and turning things (he’s tried to teach me the more technical terms but, erm, it hasn’t worked yet) I was watching the goings on in the bar. While we were both being given free beer by the manager I managed to remain lucid enough to observe a lot of drama including a person actually just falling asleep on the dance floor. I’m honestly not kidding she just lay down and fell asleep. Once we realised she was actually fine this was highly entertaining.

Next time you’re in a club and your feet start to hurt and you hobble over to the side of the dance floor to remove your shoes (or whatever guys do when they need a break in a club) just have a little observe of the dance floor, guaranteed you’ll enjoy it.

4) A park

Any park is fine, preferably when the weather’s nice so there’ll actually be other people around to watch. As is typical of many teenagers who have nowhere better to spend their time, I spent a lot of time ‘down the park’ when I was younger. We’d sit by the skate park and decide which of the boys we had crushes on according to how good they were at doing cool tricks and then laugh at the ones that fell over because we were cruel teenagers back then.

5) Anywhere tourists might be

We’ve all been the confused tourist at some point. At least I hope it’s not just me. Going to a tourist destination to people watch is a prime location because a) there will be tons of people around and b) they’re probably doing funny things like getting lost and taking perfectly posed photos over and over again.

When I was travelling my two friends and I would laugh at ourselves and the way we would carefully pose while one took the picture, then we’d swap round and someone else would take it and then again until we had three almost identical pictures just with one person different each time…and there was probably someone else laughing at how stupid we looked!

This is what came up when I googled people watching..I’m not sure what the relevance is but it’s hilarious so

That’s all for now