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My top five films I spent my childhood wishing were true…

When I was little I used to do the classic kid thing of getting obsessed with films for weeks on end, refusing to watch anything else and getting it out of the video shop (remember those?) every weekend without fail. As I’ve got older I’ve discovered that many of my friends had the same experiences with their parents dutifully going to the video shop every Friday to rent whatever the obsession at the time was. We now all subsequently wonder, of course, why they didn’t just buy us the video and save themselves the money, my parents claim they were always hoping that one week I’d want something different…well no such luck!

Also, much like most other kids, I regarded my life to be incredibly boring and was continually wishing that my favourite films were the story of my life instead. I’m not casting the movie of my life, instead I’ll share with you five films which would have made up my life story if the decision had been left to my chilldhood self.

1) The Parent Trap

The remake of this film starring Lindsay Lohan was a massive craze when I was in primary school. This was one which I was actually allowed to own, I think my mum bought it out of nostalgia for the original and of course so that she could watch it with me and enjoy the sights of Dennis Quaid (erm yum). When I was a child I GENUINELY believed that I had a long lost twin. I would ask my mum repeatedly whether she was 100% sure my dad wasn’t actually out in the world somewhere living with my twin who I was separated from at birth. Thinking back this was probably pretty unpleasant for my legit dad who had to hear his daughter wishing he wasn’t who he said he was…it was nothing personal though Dad.

Look how cute she used to be!

2) One Fine Day

This isn’t strictly a children’s film of course, this was the film that I would watch with my mum when my dad went away for work. It was one of those ones that was only from the video shop. At that age I think I loved this film for the fact that it had two cute kids in it and was quite funny…now I happily still watch it because ‘hello George Clooney‘. When I was little I think I was already charmed by New York City and the idea of getting to go on a school trip on the circle line (I’ve been on it since, it was ok) so I would imagine how wonderful it would be to be one of those cute kids.

Oh Troy…

3) High School Musical

I don’t know why I’m even admitting to this since it’ll take anyone with a knowledge of when High School Musical was released and of my age to work out that I was far too old to be even viewing this film, never mind wishing my life was anything like it. But instead of being ashamed of my past, I will come out and confess that, as a teenager, I was a little bit addicted to High School Musical. I honestly and truly went through a phase where I was mildly depressed about the fact that my life was not also a musical. Obviously everyone wishes their life was a musical, that goes without saying, but a musical based around a bunch of annoying teenagers who sing songs about basketball and being a geek…really? Oh and there is Zac Efron obviously, the film’s one saving grace.

4) The Babysitters Club

The Club

Ok so this was originally a book obsession – as a 10 year old The Babysitters Club books would have been my specialist subject on Mastermind – but then I discovered the film. I’m looking to my American readers for some love here, I feel like not that many people read them here, especially by the time I started reading them. Anyways, I remember the first time I watched the Babysitters Club film, probably top five happiest moments of my childhood. There are many things that I couldn’t relate to about being a character in The Babysitters Club…mainly a world where people would let 11 year olds look after their infant children (it was written back in the 80s, it was a simpler time I suppose). Still, I could actually think of nothing better than being a member of such a club, unfortunately having older parents meant that I knew precisely one family with children younger than myself and therefore requiring babysitting, so that dream remains unfulfilled.

5) Three Men and a Baby

I have previously discussed my love for this film so if you’d like to read that it’s right here. Another film which isn’t really intended for children (it deals with promiscuous men, drug smuggling etc etc, fortunately children have absolutely no idea what these things are so it went completely over my head) but I grew up in a house of adults so I watched a lot of things that weren’t really meant for children. It helps that I’m an absolute wimp so I’ve always deemed a lot of things ‘too scary’ and censored things for myself. Anyways, I think I can avoid going too far into this one by simply saying THE PHONE. See, now you’re going to have to read that other blog I just linked to to know what I’m talking about!

Thanks for taking a trip into my viewing past with me, now I’m off back to my life where I have no twin, no singing, no New York, no babysitting to do and no antique phones…it’s ok though, I have a cool life I just didn’t realise it when I was 10.

That’s all for now



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