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My top fives of this week…#2

So this didn’t quite make it within the parameters of a week from the first one. I had a really busy end to last week which left me with all good intentions that I failed to fulfill. I had a good time though! Right I’m gonna get straight into it…enjoy!

1) Cooked some cool stuff

Last weekend I made some amazing raspberry cheesecake brownies (see the picture below). I’ve tried to make them once before and they didn’t go quite to plan, I used the wrong sized tin which meant that they didn’t cook all the way through. Anyhow, this time they worked pretty well and I would recommend them if you like baking, the recipe is from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook.

Yum yum

Yum yum

I also made a shrimp tortilla soup for my parents which was pretty nice. You can find the recipe here. It’s pretty easy and I made my own tortilla chips which is crazy simple so that was a fun discovery!

2) Caught up with some nice friends

Since being home it’s been a bit tricky to catch up with all my friends here in Birmingham thanks to it being summer and everyone going on holiday and stuff. On both Thursday and Friday of last week I managed to see friends, some of whom I haven’t seen for years. I wrote about seeing my best friend on Thursday which you can read here if you’d like. Anyways, I got to see nice people and eat out two nights in a row so can’t complain!

3) SW4

On Sunday I went to a music festival in London called SW4 with my boyfriend and some of his friends, it was a reallyyyy fun day. The only downside being that I felt like I was dying by the end of it, like seriously dying. All I could say when my boyfriend asked me if I was ok was ‘…I huuuurttt’ in a particularly whiney voice, I guess that’s what dancing for 10 hours will do to you. Anyways, it was worth it and I felt just fine yesterday which is lucky lucky.

4) I didn’t watch the VMAs

I’ve obviously seen all the many many thoughts people have been sharing about the whole embarrassing Miley Cyrus palaver at the VMAs. On Monday I watched the performance and cringed a suitable amount. Almost as much as when I watched the music video to the rubbish song she sang when it first came out. For some reason celebrity gossip really doesn’t interest me so I normally steer clear of celebrity stuff unless it’s about someone I particularly like. This story only marginally holds my attention, although I have enjoyed reading some people’s opinions on her performance. Basically the conclusion I came to is, she did exactly what she intended to do which was get EVERYBODY talking about her. It was a massively cringey and embarrassing performance, much like an extreme version of the cringey and embarrassing things all of us have done while growing up, shes’s just doing it for everyone to see. I don’t really like the way she presents herself and I think it’s probably more concerning that she could go the way of other child stars we all know and love to hate while taking some of her young and most impressionable fans down with her…but she’ll hopefully grow out of it before it gets to that.

5) I watched a lot of TV

English: Gordon Ramsay in 2010.

Oh Gordon…

So now you’re thinking ‘oh cool Amy…what an interesting thing to end your post on..not.’ And yes, you would be right, I basically just couldn’t think of anything else at all that happened last week except me and my boyfriend started watching Mad Men (liking it so far although I can’t keep quiet about all these horrible cheating husbands and sexist workplaces so spend a lot of time swearing at the TV). My parents and I got well into the final season of House which is bittersweet since the thought of a world in which I’m not getting to see Dr. House/Hugh Laurie on my screen regularly is a depressing one. Also I just got more and more into Masterchef US, which again indulges my love of grumpy old English men with Gordon Ramsay, and America’s Next Top Model, which indulges my love of all things Tyra Banks (don’t ask me why, I JUST LOVE HER).

That’s all for now




3 thoughts on “My top fives of this week…#2

  1. I have to share the love of Tyra Banks as well. I used to watch her show when I got back from school in High School. It was a wonderful, wonderful time. I loved hearing about your week by the way. If we weren’t interested, there wouldn’t be people reading. 😉


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