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For the best friends…

This isn’t strictly related I just really like pictures of cats being friends…also, they can have best friends too

As soon as you start with life you’re on the hunt for someone to share it with. Before anything as complicated as romance enters your mind you’re just looking for a buddy who’ll play tig with you (otherwise known as tag, it etc. I’m told no-one else calls it tig); you grasp onto someone at nursery or primary school and proclaim them to be your ‘best friend’. Of course at that age most of us switch best friends on a regular basis…why have just one when you can have one for every day of the week? As we get older they start to have more staying power, we maybe have a best friend that lasts us through most of childhood. Maybe you’re even best friends with them now…I’m certainly not, I wasn’t that good a judge of character when I was 5 years old.

People change as they grow up and, as I’m sure we all have, I’ve found myself to fall in and out of friendships fairly fluidly at different stages of my life. Some people have stuck around, I still have a group of friends from college who I see when I’m back in Birmingham and I am still very fond of them all, but many friendships fade as you realise you’re not that good a fit anymore.

That’s fine, I’ve never been the kind of person who measures their self worth by the amount of friends they have. The only friendships I miss are the ones that feel unfinished or their ending is unexplained, the ones that I didn’t feel ready to lose yet.

This blog is about that one friend. The one who you can go for months without seeing or even speaking to and still nothing’s changed when you do. The one who will wait to tell you the most important news before they’ll tell anyone else. The one who has seen you at your absolute worst and knows things about you that no one else in the whole world does or ever will.

I saw that friend tonight. Our lives have taken different paths. She’s still in Birmingham, working full time as a nurse, living with her boyfriend and looking to buy a place (shock horror). And I’m doing completely the opposite. But everything is just the same as when we were 15. She is the one who will be there forever regardless of who else comes and goes.


This is her

I hope every single one of you has one of these friends.

That’s all for now


P.s This isn’t a top fives because there are infinite things I like about my best friend and I don’t want to bore you.

P.p.s I apologise for being so sappy in this post but, as you will come to realise if you keep reading my blog, I am a sappy person, sometimes you need to be sappy.


6 thoughts on “For the best friends…

  1. “People change as they grow up..but many friendships fade as you realise you’re not that good a fit anymore.” I have so liked this part and it actually is true in my case. I got different friend circles from school, high school, college and work place. And this at times gets me so juggling to maintain everybody and balance up.


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