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Giving up…

So it’s a bit different today. I’m writing a response to a Daily Prompt and it’s not really a top fivey kind of thing…bear with guys, next post will be back to normal I promise!

As I usually do, I’m taking a kind of loose approach to this Daily Prompt and using it as an opportunity to write about something that has been on my mind an awful lot lately.

This is me normally

So the person I usually am is a person who hates giving up on things. I’ll refuse to admit that things aren’t working out far past the point I should have let go. Some would call it positivity, some would call it stupidity. Whatever it is, it’s the way I am but it’s the thing I’m going to need to be the opposite of for a while.

When I went on my year abroad I got taken in by this big adventure. I let life take over and I got distracted too easily from maintaining the friendships back home. There’s some people I used to be close to who I’ve let drift away, one in particular who I’m feeling the loss of. It’s my own fault in many ways but I guess they let me drift too.

Since I’ve been back I feel like I’ve tried so hard to get them to come back to me, to make things how they were. I’ve become preoccupied by it at points, I’ve dreamt about it and made plans and got upset about it more than seems rational. These people were my best friends though…that’s what it comes down to.

I’ve tried, I really have and I can’t think of anything else to do. I feel like I’ve dropped off their radar, I’ve become a friend that they used to be close to and maybe they’re ok with that. Now I need to be too.

Maybe one day there’ll be a chance things could go back to the way they were but for now I’m giving up. I’m taking this opportunity to do something completely opposite to my instincts and to who I normally am and letting it go before I let it consume any more of my thoughts.

That’s all for now


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