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My top five reasons I’m addicted to reading blogs…

Until recently I hadn’t used my WordPress account as a way of discovering other blogs. I would dutifully come online and post whatever top five I was working on that day and then head off back to an episode of Come Dine With Me or whatever other trash I was watching at the time.

Now I linger. When I have nothing to do, instead of turning on an episode of something, I’ll click onto Freshly Pressed and find someone new to learn about. I hover over my reader page waiting for someone I follow to post something new for me to consider. It’s my new favourite thing.

1) I’m so very nosy

I admit it, there is a part of me that simply loves reading blogs because I like hearing about other people’s lives. I always have been very interested in other people. I like to understand how other people live and what interests them. That’s not to say I want to push into people’s lives and know more than what they’re willing to share but when I click onto someone’s blog and they tell their stories about what they’ve been doing that day I feel like I’m getting to know them a little bit.

2) What I don’t know

I can tell you close to anything you want to know about what it’s like to be a student in the UK right now, if I haven’t experienced something, someone I know probably will have. What I like is that I can get to know what life is like for someone else entirely. Weirdly, I love reading parenting blogs, make of that what you will! I love reading about what life is like for people in other countries, that travelling curiosity coming out. People write blogs for so many different reasons…I love to find out what the are.

3) They’re inspiring

I can look to people who are writing their blogs to help them deal with personal trauma, depression, loss and find hundreds of people that are inspiring in their own way. Even if they feel as though they’re struggling to make it from one day to the next, as they document this struggle they are offering the rest of the world some hope as they find ways to deal with the lives they have been given. Not only that, but people who are writing simply to entertain, for something to do, because they love writing…why ever they might be doing it, their blogs can offer little pieces of inspiration, especially for blogging beginners like me.

4) Learn stuff

People are writing blogs about all sorts of things. For me, cooking blogs are my favourite for this. I’ve always loved cooking and baking and cooking blogs are my way to learn more about food and more about the way people cook, especially on a budget as I will be once I’m back in a student house.

5) Have a chuckle

Of course there are the humour blogs which set out to make people laugh and I follow plenty of them. But then there’s all the others. I guess what I like about reading people’s blogs is that along with the sad and the touching and the thought provoking, there’s a lot of people just writing about their lives and, as it turns out, life is pretty funny. As well as feeling for people when sad things happen to them and supporting them with a comment when they need it, I just like laughing with people who want to share their funny stories with the world.

I’m sure if you’re reading this you enjoy reading blogs as well, if you know any great one’s please recommend them to me and help feed my addiction!

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20 thoughts on “My top five reasons I’m addicted to reading blogs…

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  2. I’m just the same – I’ve only just started but I think I enjoy reading other people’s blogs just as much as doing my own. (Maybe not the parenting ones just yet though!)


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  4. As I have a very short attention span and can sometimes feel overwhelmed by big unstructured articles, yours is the perfect blog! I like reading other peoples lists as much as I like writting my own ^_^ The Top Ten of Everything a fellow WordPress blogger is cool. I’ll find a link for you…


  5. Something I’m discovering about blogging – the community! I was like you, just posting some blogs. Then I started reading. Then I started figuring out why we all read each other’s blogs. We’re just one big happy family!


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