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My top fives of this week…

Hello Dear Blogging World,

I’ve decided to start a new thing. I’ve been struggling to think of new material for my blog this week and I’ve been in a bit of sulk because of it. I guess there is benefits to having a format to a blog such as mine; I do really enjoy researching and writing them. But sometimes I just can’t think of something that fits that well into a top fives…at least not something that’s remotely inspiring me.

But I still want to write. So today (and once a week from now) you lucky people are going to get to read about the things that have been on my mind, the things that have been preoccupying me, the songs I’ve been loving, the TV I’ve been watching , the things that I’ve enjoyed and the things that have pissed me off. Not quite a cop out because I’M STILL DOING FIVE OF THEM!

So here goes!

1) How do I get the internet to love me back?!

Please love me back..or at least like me on Facebook

I’m currently working for a company that sells incense and candles and stuff doing some social media for them. They recently launched a new website and I’m trying to build up their twitter and facebook following. This week we published our first facebook ad and it had a kind of varied response. One day we managed to get over 20 likes in one day, which for us is amazing, but it was only teasing it turns out…the rest of the week has been pretty av leaving me very frustrated. Combine that with obsessively looking over blog viewing figures and my head has been filled with trying to work out just what I can do to please the internet world!

2) Meeting the family

Last weekend I went to stay with my boyfriend and met allll of his family. My boyfriend and my family can testify that this is something I have been freaking out about…I don’t have much faith in myself to make a good impression although I’m not sure why because I’m fairly inoffensive. I tend to just smile a lot and not say much, I’m quite shy really. Anyways, having met his parents a few weeks ago, it was now time to meet the siblings plus their partners. Actually went pretty well and they are lovely…obviously. I don’t know what I was worried about….

3) Songs I’ve had on repeat this week

P.s. If you like stuff like this you should follow High Class Filter, a blog for electronic music lovers.

Oh hey Barack, mind if I write 10,000 words about how cool your wife is?

4) I started my dissertation reading guys!

By far my proudest achievement this week is that I started reading for my dissertation. For those of you who aren’t in the UK, over here most degrees (at least ones in the humanities) culminate in writing a dissertation of around 10-12000 words. Mine isn’t due until next May but I’m not particularly skilled at keeping on top of things so I figured I better start early. Combine that with the fact that my dad is way too excited to start having in depths conversations about it (something about him wishing he could go back to uni I think). I’m writing about First Ladies (for anyone who hasn’t previously read my blog, I’m doing an American Studies degree). It doesn’t have much of a structure or anything at the moment but I’m unusually excited about the topic so that’s a good start…expect that to all change once I’m reading about it non stop. Anyways, more than likely I’ll become so obsessed I’ll start blogging about them all at some point.

5) Big life changes

Ok well not quite life changes but hair changes. Last week I did something very exciting. Something I’d been planning for quite a while (ever since watching Pitch Perfect and deciding I wanted to be Brittany Snow). I went and got my hair dyed red. I used to be blonde guys…THIS IS A BIG DEAL. Fortunately I love it which is all that matters right? Well, that I like it and my boyfriend still fancies me, which he claims he does so it’s all good.

Five semi-interesting things about my week. Hopefully I’ll have some really big exciting things to talk about in the coming weeks. Can’t think of anything right now but I’m living at home and working full time, something amazing is BOUND to happen to me…

That’s all for now



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