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My top five reasons why I want Mindy Lahiri to be my best friend…

For those of you who don’t know, Mindy Lahiri is the main character in Fox’s The Mindy Project. The show is created by and stars Mindy Kaling who some of you might know from playing Kelly in the US version of The Office.

This is her.

The show is about Mindy, a thirty something doctor living in New York City, as she tries to navigate the obstacles of dating, working and general life which always turns out hilariously complicated for her as with any good comedy. I literally cannot recommend The Mindy Project enough, if you don’t like it please do not talk to me about it, I’m likely to get irrationally upset.

Anyway, watching an episode of The Mindy Project generally involves me laughing hysterically and exclaiming repeatedly (to myself since my boyfriend refuses to watch with me, HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT HE’S MISSING) how I wish Mindy was my best friend forever…here’s why.

1) Mindy loves romantic comedies and tries to recreate scenes from them in real life

Mindy is a romantic at heart…she believes that if she goes to the Empire State Building and wanders around the bottom enough she will meet a guy who wants to take her on a date to the top much like at the end of classic romantic comedy Sleepless in Seattle. Unfortunately this all goes wrong when security mistake her for a potential terrorist. Still, the point is, if me and Mindy were best friends we could have sleepovers like she does with her TV best friend Gwen (played by Anna Camp off of Pitch Perfect) and watch romcoms together.

2) It’s clear who she’s going to end up with and I could help guide her to the correct decision

Mindy and Danny…

So Mindy has plenty of dates over the course of the first season, nearly all of them ending with the guy turning out to be a bit of a tool/falling for someone else. At the end of the season we see Mindy finally finding a guy that she wants to be with so much so that she’s willing to move to Haiti with him (you’ll have to watch the show to make sense of that one). AND YET, this guy is clearly not the one she’s meant to be with. Anyone who watches the show will have enjoyed the occasional will they/won’t they with co-worker Danny which frustratingly ended in a prolonged stare into each others eyes at the end of the final episode just before Mindy is about to leave with this other guy. What she needs is a best friend like me to point out the blindingly obvious fact that Mindy and Danny are meant to be together. With that lacking, however, I can see this story line continuing into the show’s (hopefully) long future.

3) Mindy loves her bod just the way it is

Mindy is not the perfectly skinny lead character we’ve all come to expect from TV. She is. however, completely gorgeous and looks great in every single episode. Throughout the season characters would regularly make comments about Mindy’s weight. Not in a critical way but in a ‘look how stupid these unfair and unrealistic expectations of women that society has are’ kind of way. Mindy is, as she points out herself, curvy and perfectly healthy. I don’t see how any woman could watch this show without wanting to give Mindy a little cheer each time she makes a comment like this. She looks great and she knows it, why shouldn’t we all feel that way?

4) I want to be friends with all of Mindy’s other friends too

Whether it’s her work friends or her ‘best friends from college’, Mindy has great people surrounding her. Probably down to the fact that the cast of The Mindy Project is pretty impressive considering it’s only the first season there are great characters all over the place and Mindy works well with all of them.

5) Mindy’s just like everyone else

Mindy repeatedly messes up and makes a fool out of her self yet she doesn’t need you to feel sorry for her. She’s not pathetic in any way and she handles these situations the way we all wish we could; by being able to laugh at ourselves and make a joke out of it. If me and Mindy were best friends we could laugh at our foolish ways together and then she could teach me how to be just as cool as her.

You’ve probably got the message by now that I LOVE THE MINDY PROJECT, I recommend you start watching it, season 2 is due next month (‘due’ like a baby…Mindy is an obstetrician, get it?) and I’m sure it’ll be even more hilarious.

Oh and if anyone feels like buying me Mindy Kaling’s book in the meantime (hint hint mother, I know you’re reading this) then you can get it here, I’m desperate to read it.

That’s all for now


P.s Here’s some other Mindy Project related blogs by people who also love it like I do


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