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My top five things about elephants…

I imagine that people who know me quite well will be surprised it has taken me so long to write a blog post solely about elephants. Well guys, the time has finally come, I’m going to write a few things about why elephants are indisputably the best animals.

I remember when my obsession with elephants began; I was 10 and my mum took me to visit a friend of hers in South Africa. On this trip we went to Addo Elephant Park…that was the moment I fell in love. Since then I’ve had all things elephant bought for me over the years, my boyfriend even adopted one for me for valentines day this year.


An elephant all of my own!

I have a wide variety of elephant soft toys, the most important of whom is named Eric. He accompanied me all the way around America and even found love during our travels with another elephant named Diego. Eric has his own twitter which you can find here.

Eric and Diego...

Eric and Diego…

This may be portraying me as mildly insane but Eric’s twitter was created during one long, hungover day when a joke got out of hand…you know how these things go. Anyway, the point of this post is to discuss my love of elephants in more detail and hopefully convince my lovely readers that elephants are really, really cool.

1) They are so damn clever

So everyone knows elephants are really clever right? But did you know just how clever? Did you know that elephants have been known to paint pictures using their trunks (like actual pictures, not just smears)? Did you know that elephants have been known to work out which part of an electric fence is electric without getting shocked? Did you know that elephants have been able to trick zookeepers into believing one of them is sick so that the others can escape while they zookeeper’s distracted? These guys are legit geniuses.


2) The babies are oh so very cute

I follow a facebook account called Zooborns which tells you all about when new baby animals are born in zoos all over the world. Today they posted some pictures of a baby elephant which has been born in a zoo in Florida which is what prompted me to write this post. They are just the cutest things, take a look here.

3) They have emotions just like us

Elephants have been seen to show all sorts of emotions including happiness when playing with their family and other members of their herd, love (in particular maternal love), anger and stress, compassion, grief, they’ve even been seen crying.

4) They make hilarious youtube videos

Ok so the elephants don’t actually make the videos themselves, but they do star in them and they know how to perform a good bit of slapstick comedy without even trying. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post one of my favourite things to do is watch youtube videos of elephants…here’s a few to demonstrate…

and this one

oh and this one

All I did to find these by the way is type in ‘funny elephant’ to youtube.

5) They can smile just like us

Ok well that may not be true but there are plenty of pictures where elephants look like they’re smiling.

Just chuckling away to himself…

 Ok so those are 5 reasons why elephants are great, there are many more. I’m sure you know that elephants are endangered and it makes me so angry that there are so few left. I’m no expert on wildlife protection and the only thing I know I can do is avoid ever buying anything made from ivory in the hope that a dwindling trade will stop poaching of these amazing animals. If you want to read more about what’s causing elephant endangerment and what’s being done to help you can look here.

That’s all for now



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