My top five S club songs…

Just a quick mention to the new blog design before I get started, I hope you’re all enjoying it. I decided the old one wasn’t working for me anymore, not enough yellow.

It’s a Saturday so that means no work, yay. I’ve spent the morning having breakfast and then going back to bed and, as so often happens, getting stuck in a never ending cycle of watching youtube videos.

I started off with a video of a baby elephant (probably my most common choice of youtube viewing) and somehow led on to watching old music videos of S Club songs. It’s difficult for me to imagine a childhood which did not revolve around this band but, from looking at my followers (woo love you guys) and viewing stat thingys, a lot of you aren’t from the UK. So, in short, S Club were what you might call a ‘tween’ band although that term definitely did not exist when I was a child; we were just kids or teenagers back then. Anyway, this will be a completely self-indulgent post about one of the greatest bands of the late 90’s/early 2000’s (in my 10 year old self’s opinion).

1) Reach

Starting off with a classic, in at number 1 is one of their most famous songs, Reach. Play this at any event involving people born in the UK in the 90’s and you’ll have a full dance floor, guaranteed.

2) Show me your colours

This song, off their Sunshine album, always reminds me of leaving junior school and moping around listening to this while telling my mother she ‘didn’t understand’, clearly I became a stroppy teenager prematurely. This is a particular favourite for two reasons, first of all Rachel sings it forshadowing her solo career (Sweet Dreams my LA Ex anyone?) and secondly the video is the seven of them dancing around on an old aeroplane…as you do.

3) Natural

Yet another one with Rachel singing…this one has an absolutely banging dance routine and I also sang this on my audition tape for S Club Juniors (a little known fact about me right there).

4) Bring the house down

I would still happily listen to this at any party or social occasion, an absolute banger.

5) Never had a dream come true

Having come to number 5 all too quickly I decided I should have a bit of an emotional one for the last pick. It was a tricky one but Never had a dream come true just had to be it, an amazing video of them singing surrounded by fake snow, vocals from Jo and Rachel, a musical masterpiece.

Special mention goes to Have you ever, Don’t stop movin’ and Bring it all back…oh and S Club party.

What a great use of a Saturday morning! Let me know if you think I’ve missed any.

That’s all for now



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