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My top five moments of Monsters University…

Warning: There are spoilers in this blog…sorry guys!

This weekend finally saw the UK release of Monsters University which is something I have been waiting for a long time. For those of you who don’t know Monsters University is the new release from Pixar and is a prequel to the brilliant Monsters, Inc. which was released in 2001…we’ve been waiting more than 10 years for more of Mike and Sully and it was definitely worth the wait.

1) The Blue Umbrella The_Blue_Umbrella_(2013_film)_poster

The first of my top five wasn’t strictly a part of Monsters University. As anyone who’s ever seen a Pixar film will know, they like to give us a bit more for our money by including a short animated film before the main feature. These shorts are always great and really get you in the mood for watching the film coming afterwards. The one before Monsters University was called The Blue Umbrella and it tells the story of a blue umbrella who falls for a passing red umbrella and shows his struggle to get back to his new love. Sounds a bit strange I admit but it’s actually brilliant. Something fantastic about the film was that it looked so realistic, having just googled this I can tell you it apparently uses new techniques in photorealistic lighting and stuff (I could have tried to pass that off as my own knowledge but I don’t think you would have bought it somehow). Another fun aspect of the film is that it makes use of Artificial Pareidolia…yep I didn’t know this one either…apparently this is the official term for that thing where you can see faces in inanimate objects. See this fun list of 50 examples if you want more of an idea.

2) Getting to see school days Mike

The film begins when Mike is just a young monster who’s still at Elementary school. We get to see how poor Mike was bullied and excluded by his school mates for his size. This was a great addition to the film and it had me squealing to my boyfriend about how cute little Mike was within minutes of the film starting. Yes, bizarre; this is a film about monsters, not classically cute I admit but Mike with his giant eye and his little monster face full of hope about his dream of becoming a scarer was really quite adorable.

3) The 50 foot librarian


For those who haven’t seen it and don’t mind me giving massive spoilers, the premise of the film is that Mike (the little green one) wants to become a scarer and yet there’s one big problem…he’s not scary. So when he and Sully get kicked out of the scaring program after their rivalry becomes too much for the dean to handle, Mike decides to enter the Scare Games to try to prove to everyone that he can be a good scarer. One of the rounds in the Scare Games involves attempting to get a team flag from the back of the library, a task made difficult by the fact that any noise causes the giant monster librarian to throw the perpetrator out of the window. This is one of my favourite scenes in the film simply because it’s both exciting and hilarious.

4) It’s like any other teen moviemu2

Not strictly a moment but, as the majority of the scenes take place at ‘Monsters University’, it’s really fun to see the way the creators of the film have made a whole student world just for monsters. If you read any of my earlier blogs about my year abroad, you might remember me saying that American college life really is like the films, and Monsters University is no exception. There’s fraternities and sororities, parties and school mascots, even their own monster version of beer pong (without the beer of course, this is a kids movie).

5) The happy ending

No Disney film would be complete without a happy ending. Of course, the fact that it’s a prequel means that we know all along that Mike and Sully end up working at Monsters, Inc. and everything works out just great eventually. Even so the moment when the two of them get kicked out of Monsters University for good is a tense one. Fortunately, they go to work at Monsters Inc. as lowly mail room workers and show us the good old American dream in practice when even college drop-outs can be whatever they want to be as long as they work hard and have their hearts in the right place…

If you haven’t already and you don’t feel like the various spoilers contained in this blog have ruined it for you, then go and see it if you get a chance; it’s great.

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