My Fresh Start...

My top five things about de-junking my life…


As I mentioned in my last blog, since arriving home from America I have decided to ‘turn my life around’ . Part of this mission is to clear out my room in my parents’ house so that it becomes a pleasant and livable space; something which it hasn’t been for several years. The reason for this? I am a hoarder. I admit it, I have a serious problem when it comes to throwing things away because who knows when that thing that looks like rubbish, and almost certainly is rubbish, might come in useful?! I never really realised how bad I was until I went to uni and had people repeatedly exclaim about how much stuff I had in my small room while all I could think was ‘I’ve got 10 times this amount at home..’.

When I got back from Albany it all got too much. I couldn’t find anything I needed, none of my drawers would close because of the clothes spilling out of them and I was getting close to having a mental breakdown every time I needed to get ready to go out.

So this is it, I’ve decided that enough is enough, however difficult I find it I am removing all the junk from my life and, not only that, but I’m determined to see the positive side of the process.

1) It’s liberating

Having so much more stuff than I needed was beginning to make me feel stifled. My room is perfectly big enough for one person, in fact I think under the piles of stuff it’s actually rather large, but it had stopped feeling cozy and welcoming to me, it felt cramped and messy. With each bit of rubbish I’ve unearthed and swiftly thrown into a bin bag and each piece of clothing which is either too big, too small or just pretty hideous that’s gone into a bag for the charity shop, I’ve felt that little bit more free.

2) Helping a good cause

Yeah I could be doing a lot more for charity but I guess every little helps and the bags of stuff I’m sending to the charity shop will hopefully be sold and that money can do some good somewhere.

3) Coming across long lost items

Those who know me well know that I am incredibly sentimental and sappy a lot of the time and one of my all time favourite things about sorting my life out is that it gives me an excuse to spend ages looking at old photos and  reminiscing over things I made in primary school before ceremoniously placing them in a bin bag and deciding I’m ready to move on with my life. Whether they’re funny or sad or just make me smile, it’s nice to be reminded of things I’ve done or seen and people who I grew up with.

4) I can find things again!

It’s cut my getting ready time in half, I’m not turning my room upside down in order to find whatever piece of clothing I want for that day and the things I’d given up on ever seeing again are now available to me at any moment.

5) Make some money….?

Now this is one I’m a little unsure about. I’m yet to give it a go but I am assured that the odd thing I’ve come across in my room could be worth a little money and why not at least try since my year abroad has left me in debt in pretty much every direction. The most obvious choices here are Ebay and Amazon both of which I have a little experience with. I think the key is not to go out with expectations that I’m going to make my millions; this is pocket money and anything is better than what I’m getting out of it sitting in my room and getting in my way. Anyway, the first items on the agenda are a nearly brand new script to the first Lord of the Rings film (don’t ask me why I have this, I was 10 when I bought it and clearly my parents were too indulgent) and a hardly used hogwarts satchel. I’m counting on the cult following for both LOTR and Harry Potter to provide me with some customers here. I’ll update on how my new online selling enterprise goes as soon as I get round to it!

So there you go, my top 5 reasons why it’s actually great to break a lifelong habit of hoarding and give yourself a fresh start.

That’s all for now



4 thoughts on “My top five things about de-junking my life…

  1. Well written post..!!! These all are incredible ideas for giving a fresh start. Really it’s difficult to manage a lot of stuff at home and more difficult when there is less space. I think self planning is very essential to do anything. But I really found your tips useful and I am amazed like how well you have voiced your views here. Thanks for this.


  2. The script to the Fellowship of the Ring?? o_O Here I am, innocently looking for blogs about decluttering (yes, fellow hoarder here, though a recovering one, thankfully) and end up seeing new things to hoard for myself 😀 No, no, I don’t want it… But do post the Ebay/Amazon link here if you do sell it online 😉


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