My Year Abroad...

Before I get started…

So, before I kick off with the whole top five malarkey (which is going to be great trust me) I figure maybs I should just explain who I am and why I’m bothering to write this.

The reason I decided to start writing a blog is because I’ve just started a year abroad in Albany (which is in New York state), studying at the State University of New York. I guess that’s a fairly standard reason for starting a blog, a big life change or whatever, but hopefully it’ll be fairly interesting!

The whole top five thing came about as a result of a few conversations with my best friend in which I, for some unknown reason, became obsessed with placing people/places/things into my so-called ‘top five’. It all got slightly out of hand and a subsequent discussion about my blog resulted in the whole top five thing being decided on.

Anything else? I’m 21 and studying American Studies at the University of Nottingham, which is how I ended up in Albany. I’m originally from Birmingham, somewhere I love only for my family and friends but cannot wait to leave whenever I’m there for more than a few weeks.

Hopefully I’ll think of some good stuff to say…so keep reading!


This is me and some of the other girls from Nottingham…i’m the blonde one that’s being licked.


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