My Year Abroad...

My top five things about being English in America…

So, to kick off my top fives, I figured i’d bang on a bit about the main thing the people back home have heard about when I’ve talked to them, which is how much Americans love British people. No lie, if you’re English and want to feel good about it, you need to get yourself over here, I have never felt so proud to be British (for no real reason whatsoever I might add!)

So here goes.

1) They LOVE our accents.

Starting off with an obvious one. Wherever we go, be it Walmart, uni, the street, people will stop us and compliment us on our accents. Considering I’ve spent the majority of my uni career being criticized for being so ‘Northern’ (even though I am actually from the Midlands which is a totally different thing) constantly being complimented on how I speak is actually a pleasant change. It appears that people in Albany just enjoy being able to tell people that the ‘British girls’ are coming to their party, I’ve honestly never felt like I was particularly cool before but it turns out I was just in the wrong country!

2)Culture Shock?!?

The second of my top five is to do with something which the University are very concerned about. That is, us suffering from ‘culture shock’. Despite the fact that we are having the time of our lives and, lets be honest, there really isn’t that much difference between here and England in many ways, the uni is falling over themselves to make allowances for us and the fact that we might be struggling adjusting to our new surroundings. Our tutor basically informed us in our first meeting with her that we can get out of essays, assignments, or just going to class if we’re having any trouble with settling in. Although we have yet to utilize this, I feel as it drops to below freezing out here it’s fairly possible a few of us may mysteriously develop a delayed case!


3)’We invented the language!’

So we all know that Americans spell stuff wrong and in some cases just say the word wrong (come on now…aluminum?!?) and so one of the best comebacks to any criticism of our English is simply ‘we invented the language so…’. Although I suppose this isn’t quite factually accurate, it is kind of just fun to say it at any opportunity.

4)What people think England is like?!

The other day I actually got asked if you could buy iPhones in England! I really just didn’t know what to say since it seems like there’s pretty much no where in the world that you can’t get access to Apple products, but apparently to some people England actually is that backward! Other people tend to just think we live in Harry Potter (and actually refer to us by the names of Harry Potter characters), or just seem to be imagining this tiny place where everyone knows each other and everyone is crazy posh. As much as I wish I did live in Harry Potter, I kind of feel bad having to let the down and tell them that it’s really not all that different from a lot of places in the states.

5)It’s like living in a movie

Finally, probably my favourite thing about living here is that it is honestly like living in a movie. No lie, I really thought that American teen movies exaggerated just slightly, but apparently people really do go to parties with kegs and red cups. And those parties really do get busted by the police (something which has happened way too many times, why do they not want us to have a bit of fun?!). Since being here, you do have these moments where you just look at each other and can’t help but laugh at how surreal the whole thing is, whether you’re sitting on the bleachers at an American football game or playing beer pong at a party. This is probably my favourite thing because this is the real reason why I decided to do American studies, because I was obsessed with the idea of living in a movie, and now I’m actually living it and I really can’t believe it!

So there you have it, my first top five in the spirit of my new life over here.


My Year Abroad...

Before I get started…

So, before I kick off with the whole top five malarkey (which is going to be great trust me) I figure maybs I should just explain who I am and why I’m bothering to write this.

The reason I decided to start writing a blog is because I’ve just started a year abroad in Albany (which is in New York state), studying at the State University of New York. I guess that’s a fairly standard reason for starting a blog, a big life change or whatever, but hopefully it’ll be fairly interesting!

The whole top five thing came about as a result of a few conversations with my best friend in which I, for some unknown reason, became obsessed with placing people/places/things into my so-called ‘top five’. It all got slightly out of hand and a subsequent discussion about my blog resulted in the whole top five thing being decided on.

Anything else? I’m 21 and studying American Studies at the University of Nottingham, which is how I ended up in Albany. I’m originally from Birmingham, somewhere I love only for my family and friends but cannot wait to leave whenever I’m there for more than a few weeks.

Hopefully I’ll think of some good stuff to say…so keep reading!


This is me and some of the other girls from Nottingham…i’m the blonde one that’s being licked.